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36On the first day, in my new position as an Executive Director, I walked in the door excited, full of ideas, and scared out of my mind! After working for non-profits for 13 years at that point, I was confident that I knew the lay of the land very well. I felt that I had what it took to lead this organization. I had held just about every program position, managed staff, monitored and created budgets, raised money, created partnerships, and I considered myself a good leader. Of course I knew there was more to running a national non profit than budgets and addressing board members. But I felt that my experience provided me with a good foundation and my great instincts as well as my desire for knowledge and learning, would help me with everything else. But just like many other things in life, nothing really prepares you for this experience, except for the experience itself.

There were some things I could anticipate and other times when there was no way to tell. I made good decisions and I made bad ones too. The learning curve was not that steep, but there were days when I had no clue and had to find a solution immediately. Over the next three years, I often wished that I had the Cliff Notes version of ” Avoiding the Pitfalls as an Executive Director or How to Successfully Lead a Non-Profit in the 21st Century” or even a handy dandy toolbox that had all of the tools I would ever need. Unfortunately no such Cliff Notes or toolbox existed so I had to create my own and I am still creating it. Thus, the development of this blog: The Red Toolbox.

This blog will provide an array of innovative tools and resources that will help strengthen non-profit organizations and its leaders, create opportunities to hear and learn from fellow colleagues in the non-profit field, and amplify the amazing contributions and accomplishments of non profits entities. While majority of the content will focus on the company’s three areas of focus (strategic development, cause awareness and engagement, and executive leadership development); the blog will also feature topics that are important to the work of non-profit organizations.

I believe that each of us wants to succeed in whatever position we hold, especially when we are the leader. We just need the right tools to help us ensure that we will succeed. That’s my goal. Whether you will be in your position for 2 years or 10 years, I want to ensure you have what you need to be really great at your job, achieve your organizations’ goals and be prepared for whatever comes your way.

So, grab your toolbox and get ready to fill it up!

Stacey Cunningham Penny