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Your Roadmap: Determining a Vision for Your Organization

Jun 3, 2015 | Posted by in Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Strategic planning, Visioning | Comments Off on Your Roadmap: Determining a Vision for Your Organization

Do you remember that one thing you were excited about taking on when you started your current job or your last job? I can still recall, as if it were yesterday, how excited I was about accepting a position as an Executive Director and sharing my vision for the organization. I was so proud of myself with all of my detailed prep work and research I did on the organization’s history. I really wanted to show my new Board of Directors that I did myRead more …

Do you have E.D. PTSD?

Mar 21, 2015 | Posted by in Capacity Building, Fund Development, Leadership Development, Organizational Development | Comments Off on Do you have E.D. PTSD?

Recently, a colleague and I were catching up over coffee and swapping stories about our careers. As a previous leader of a non-profit (me) and a foundation (her), we both shared how we had no desire to run another organization anytime soon. Maybe never. We chuckled at the thought that we may suffer from some sort of post traumatic stress syndrome. But then we began to haveĀ  a serious conversation about the reasons why we felt this way. What was it about our previous experiencesRead more …